The information about the copyright.  著作権に関する情報


Copyright (c) 2011 ' NerdOverclouded and each author '. All rights reserved. If you find any copies of we works in any other places being used on a web site, printed or sold without we permission, please inform we as soon as possible, for there is a possibility of an infringement of copyright. It is also helpful if the URL(if there is one) or the place they are being printed or sold is indicated, so that it is possible to warn or to take legal actions against the person involved. Please do not reproduce without prior permission. If found, access from your country will be disabled, and we will have to introduce a password system to this gallery.



本サイトにおける図像、テキストなどに関するすべての著作権は、NerdOverclouded および著作者に属します。著作権、版権、肖像権、など知的財産権への抵触行為、契約を介さないコピー、転載等を禁じます。


Feel free to link this site    本サイトはリンクフリーです。



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